The List


Instead of just having a link to pinterest, here's more detail about the actual list, without having to click through. Of course, feel free to do so - hence why I'm keeping the original page text below. Plus by looking on pinterest you can see all sorts of pretty pictures...

The List (In no particular order)

Cook tofu
Cook calamari
Visit Clifford's Tower, York
Walk the York Bar Walls
Climb to the top of York Minster
Visit Kirkham Abbey
Cook scallops
Visit Byland Abbey
Visit Rievaulx Abbey
Eat at the Star Inn
Visit Luskentyre
Visit Paris
Visit Ullapool
Complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge
Learn to knit
Do all the squats in the Nell McAndrew DVD
Walk from Edale to Hayfield
Go up the Eiffel Tower
Find the Roman Mosaic at Winchcombe
Put my Miss Saigon arrangement on Sibelius
Visit Venice
Make my own Christmas cards
Eat at Northcote
Make a music of Lost CD
Read The Lord of the Rings
Make a music of House MD CD
Make a Flammkuchen
Make Potsticker dumplings
See a performance by the RSC
Walk the cat trail in York
Poach pears in red wine
Get back to writing the food blog
Give blood
Complete my Beatles CD collection
Cook Venison steaks
Run home
Half marathon
Cook a recipe from every cookbook we own
Visit the places in the Scotland from the Roadside calendar

This list is subject to change, and is not really definitive. And yes, it is rather random. The ideas are exactly that, ideas. For example the Scotland list may be too much to achieve and funds may not allow a trip to Venice. The whole idea is to actually do things rather than just wish for things to happen. Life is too short.
I will try to tick off as many as possible. Watch this space...


Here's the list. I was trying to make it all posh and on the same page as a gadget, but without getting into coding, which I really can't concentrate on at the moment, this is the best I can do.

The list is still a work in progress, and things may change as times go on. But this is as it stands at the moment.

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