Sunday, 24 May 2015


Following on from the last post (yes I know it's been a while), the next thing to talk about is another biggy on The List.

Yesterday was 1 year and a day since I began my running journey. On the 22nd May 2014 I put on my cheap "running trainers" and started the Couch 2 5K plan. At the time it felt like the goal was so far out of reach, and scrolling through the days of the plan, I thought that running even for 8 minutes continuously would be beyond my capabilities let alone running for a full half hour. But the plan worked, even if I did feel like throwing up after those 8 minutes, and I now run 5K at least twice a week - just for the fun of it. Yes fun!

Since last year I have taken part in 2 10K races, I've run home (about 8 miles), and yesterday I signed up to a half marathon. Am I mad? Maybe. This one happens to take place in July, and I'm not only worried about the distance, but the heat. (OK, potential heat.) But it is on my list, and you never know what is round the corner which may prevent you from doing what you are hoping to achieve - or tick off your list. So why not - while I can. Or actually, hope I can.

Another thing to mention here is that I have been hugely inspired by my friend Hayley, who seemingly is much more crazy than me as she is taking part in Iron Man UK this year, raising money for Macmillan. Watching her discipline, and determination to achieve her goal, and following her journey on her blog is hugely inspirational. She has been encouraging with where I've got to so far and is always a source of wise words and advice when needed about anything from socks to injuries. She regularly says to anyone who is wondering whether they are able to take up their next challenge that you'll be surprised at what your body can do - and this is so true. From running that first 60 seconds a year ago to the actual thought of a half marathon being within my reach - who knew!

To anyone considering taking up running, do it. It's relatively cheap - just the price of trainers, you make yourself get out into the open air, and the feeling you get when you reach your goal is great. Plus if you run by yourself or with others it is great to have some "me" time outside of the normal routine of work, travel, home, bed etc. Plus its good for keeping in shape. Think I've lost weight - not that I've been bothered to check, and certainly feel more energetic, and generally better than I did when I was at the Couch end of the C25K journey.
In similar words to Hayley, you never know what you can do until you try.

Me and Jenny at the end of the Manchester 10K 

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